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Concrete Repairs

Concrete Remediation Solutions

The main key ingredients that cause extensive damage to concrete structures and in extreme cases, to point of collapse are water, soluble salts and carbon dioxide. These elements enter the concrete structure by absorption, through pores, cracks and fissures, which gradually reduce the alkalinity properties of the concrete. The result is that the steel reinforcement rusts and expands, causing damage to the concrete surface commonly known as “Concrete Cancer”.

Increasing longevity of a concrete structure is to protect the steel reinforcement from corrosion by ensuring the surfaces are sealed against the penetration of such atmospheric elements.

Concrete buildings and structures require repair solutions with comprehensive investigation and correct diagnosing of concrete defects such as cover over steel, spalling, carbonisation, delamination, cracks and other defects will determine the nature and extent of problem. RBMS Remedial Building Group employs specialised consultants, engineers and with full product technical support enables the correct and most cost effective repair procedure that is compatible with the host concrete to provide long term durability.

Other Concrete Repairs

Resin Ceiling Crack Injection

  • Concrete Crack Repair & Injection
  • Concrete shoulder Repairs
  • Construction Control Joints
  • Anti-Carbonising Protective Coatings
  • Surface Siloxane Treatments