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Rising (Salt) Damp

Rising (Salt) Damp

The erosion of building structures due to high salt levels is a major concern, particularly when the structural integrity is compromised. Traditionally “True” Rising Damp in masonry walls is normally associated with older or historical houses and buildings caused by the deterioration or the absence of damp courses, bridging of wall renderings, the built up external site levels and in many cases following renovations. This leads to osmosis effect inducing salts to the upper wall areas that weakens the structural integrity of masonry walls and also causes extensive damage to rendered and painted finishes.

Drought conditions of the past years has left high concentrations of ground salts in the upper soil levels. Consequentially these salts are now being solubilised by the recent heavy rainfalls and with the natural capillary action of masonry rises up to a point of evaporation where salts are deposited that expand causing significant salt damage in houses even as young as 2 years old. This process is commonly known as Rising Salt Damp or Salt Damp with the wetting and drying cycles this causes fretting damage to masonry and left untreated costly replacement or in some cases to point of collapse.

RBMS Remedial Building Group will diagnose and identify the cause of rising damp problem this is very important for the treatment to work. The most common misdiagnosed symptom is condensation caused by poor ventilation within a subfloor or wall cavity although this may exacerbate the problem if identified rising salt damp that will provide secondary moisture source and will require two separate treatments (Ventilation Solutions).

There are many so called remedies to rectify this problem using waterproof renderings, silicones, epoxies only to fail as they only offer a short term solution. The most effective and proven method is to remove the salts from the structure then isolate against further contamination from rising damp by installing an approved dampcourse system.

RBMS Remedial Building Group employs non-destructive proven methods of re-establishing damp courses that has been successfully used in major restoration projects to rectify the damaging effects of Rising (Salt) Damp.

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