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Ventilation Service

Subfloor Ventilation

Ventilation of buildings is a major concern, costing home and building owners millions of dollars in repairs from mould damaged timbers, termite infestations and the general health and well being of its occupants. Passive vents alone are only effective where cross flow ventilation can be achieved when the wind blows.

The combination of passive and fan-assisted vents will efficiently circulated airflow of the sub floor area. RBMS Remedial Building Group provides a full assessment to determine whether the sub floor has adequate ventilation as per Building Codes Australia AS3660 and recommends an appropriate solution.

Using an ideal combination of passive and fan forced vents ensures effective distribution of airflow (at least 6-10 air changes per hour is recommended) within the sub floor area.

Passive Vent
RBMS Remedial Building Group installs vents that exceeds airflow requirements as per Australian Standard 3660. The available range includes a grill design to prevent Rodents entry colour selection to allow matching to existing wall surroundings and different sizes to suit building requirements.

Fan Forced
A fan installed in conjunction with passive vents will maximise airflow efficiency within the sub floor area, thus eliminating poor airflow or dead spots. Powered by a low voltage adaptor or solar panel with an optional timer switch that can be fitted to operate the fan unit at desirable times.

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Roof Ventilation

Installation of roof ventilation completes the connection between subfloor and roof enhancing air circulation via the wall cavities. Venting the roof will significantly reduce cooling cost during the summer and remove moist damp air during the winter. The roof vents are available in either wind driven or hybrid power and colorbond colours to match house trims.

We install commercial grade roof vents for factories, warehouses, schools etc. variable throat sizes up to 900mm mechanical wind driven or Hybrid power models available in Stainless steel and colorbond colours.