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WP FloorWall

External Waterproofing Treatments

As our buildings and homes age the protective barriers that prevent ingress of water, salts, air borne contaminants degrade allowing these contaminants to penetrate the building structure causing property damage and discomfort to the occupants. In some cases the protective barriers put in place fail due to poor building practices and inferior materials.

RBMS Remedial Group identifies the problem and provides a solution employing professional approach applying materials compatible with the structure therefore ensuring longevity to the areas protected. We are happy to work with our own or an appointed building engineer, consultant or qualified professional expert to provide specifications for scope of works.

Sub-grade Curtain & Tanking Waterproofing

Special applications requiring positive or negative waterproofing to prevent water ingress to the building structures below ground level.

  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Sub-Wall
  • Lift Well
  • Foundation