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What some of our very satisfied clients had to say about RBMS Remedial Building Group

I have known Mr Dangerfield for more than 15 years. During this period, GR Ball & Associates Pty Ltd have acted in our professional capacity as Consulting Architects and Structural Engineers on numerous projects for which Mr Dangerfield’s company RBMS has assumed the responsibilities for remedial works associated with waterproofing and various forms of steel corrosion and concrete cancer repair.

These projects have included conventional and uniquely prestigious residential projects as well as industrial and commercial developments. The field of building restoration and repairs resultant from defects associated with long-term degradation, poor building practices, waterproofing and severely corroded structural elements, whether they be steel or concrete, is a most specialised aspect of building construction and requires an intimate knowledge of building construction methods and detailing generally.

Mr Dangerfield has extensive knowledge regarding matters associated with his trade and on many occasions I have drawn upon his experience in order to prepare a specification for a specialised project.

The tradesmen who represent and work for Mr Dangerfield (RBMS) always strive to produce a product of the highest quality and Mr Dangerfield ensures that their work is completed in an effective and efficient manner. Mr Dangerfield and his team have a responsible attitude towards the deadlines which are often imposed upon the completion dates of special projects and their reliability is always second to none.

Mr Dangerfield has utilised the skills learnt in his trade and combined them with extensive knowledge and experience gained as a contractor operating in a most difficult and specialised field of the building industry to promote RBMS as a respected and preferred contractor amongst his peers.

I highly recommend him.

Yours faithfully,


Geoff Ball


Thank you for your works on the Styx Creek channel for Jemena.

Your work crew were very well organised, communicated well and followed all of Jemena’s field requirements.

I appreciated RBMS’s prompt responses to questions and appreciated the value adding to the concrete repair process.

I would not hesitate in using RBMS for additional works in the future as they made a difficult project easy to manage.


Jeff Williams

Contaminated Sites Remediation Manager


Level 13, 99 Walker St, North Sydney, NSW 2060

To whom it may concern,
Bob Dangerfield and his team at RBMS have recently completed a major project at our home to stop water leakage and rising damp in a large underground basement, workshop and family room.

The project was viewed by some other companies who inspected the site, as a daunting project because of the minimum access provided and existing outside concrete paths.

The job has been completed and the basement section of the house is waterproofed. This was a major job and to say we are pleased is an understatement.

The job was completed on time, Bob’s team were polite, professional, communicated well, arrived on time and most of all, cleaned up each day and at the completion of the job.

I am aware for most of us, any water leakage in a house is a daunting challenge and selecting the correct remedial process confusing but we felt confident at all times as we had the process clearly explained before the project began and continually with the different work being undertaken.

I have no reservations in complimenting Bob and his team on a job well done and to offer my recommendation.

Richard Fisk

Wyee Point – Sub grade Curtain Waterproofing

To whom it may concern
The Terrigal Pacific Motel & Apartments has used the services of Remedial Building Group for the waterproofing of suspended balconies on two occasions.

On each occasion we have been very impressed with the work carried out.

Bob Dangerfield kept us informed about the progress of the work at all times. We found Bob & his team of workers to be of an extremely high standard.
All involved conducted them self with professionalism and left their working environment in a neat and tidy manner. This was of the utmost importance as the motel remained open during the period of work being carried out.

At no times did we feel that there were any OH&S issues that need to be brought to Bob’s attention in regards to the safety of the motels guests or the construction area.
We found Bob to be professional, efficient and extremely knowledgeable about all facets of remedial building.

I would have no hesitation in using Remedial Building Group services again or recommending Bob & his team to potential customers.
If you have any questions in relation to the above, please feel free to contact me

Andrew Figg
Terrigal Pacific
Motel & Apartments

Testimonial for RBMS.
I am happy to provide a testimonial for Mr Bob Dangerfield and his company RBMS. He has done work in my unit and work effecting other areas of the six block unit complex.

1 His submissions are always concise and clearly laid out, and quite easy for the ordinary layman to understand.

2 I found that he is always happy to thoroughly go through with you anything you may not fully understand.

3 His team go about their work , Quietly and efficiently, even without supervision.

4 Overall i have found his company to be professional and diligent in the way they go about their business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Bob Dangerfield and his company RBMS to carry out any work in their area of expertise.


G.C. Barnett.

East Gosford – Sub Grade Waterproofing, Rising (salt) Damp, Ventilation

I found RBMS to be highly professional and efficient. The work outlined in the quote was thorough, yet easy to understand and the actual work that took place was of a very high quality.

Unlike most tradespeople, the work area was left neat and tidy as it was to start with. We were offered a damp-resistant spray to further protect the house but it wasn’t forced on us. It was an absolute pleasure to do business with Bob and the team.

Rebekah McClure – Rankin Park – Brick Stabilisation Helifix Systems